Every time we rejoice, definitely there is sad waiting.

            Again Iam happy. Today 8.3.2012 meet him near elephant edgeMad Sure sure sure happy! But shortly :( He late --' Okay never mind, I forgive himBut certainly mad happy when meet with her although shortlyHe force me talk 'Iloveyou'. OMG ashamed dohhhhhhhhh! many times persuade me reason want listen me talk iloveyou. Sorrybie, ashamed own about :'/ 
          Then small talk, he send me go back. Ohmaigod >.< The time he cutemelting ~ walk will, drive time want increase that ladderthere is him brother pass near men signthere is him elder brother's friend once , that her elder brother's friend I knowHer brother talk near her friend like this , that time middle past in fronttoilet, her brother talk 'man, this your syada syushuu man' my err only ablelaugh only -.-' That my bie just smile only, respect brother lah say. Wekk. 
          He send me reach counselling room only. Never mind, I knew there is he's brother just now, he wanted came backI understand :)  go lah backoh noI am late just nowlucky teacher cannot stand I. Hehe. sit, all ask 'best not datingMust be bestI am lucky. Ilovehim <3

             And extension, I sad :( There is problem lah again, dizzy. But, today day that bestMood back! Hmmm :') That only to today , that important, I love himI hope him not destroy my hopefully my hope for himI do not know how I could be crazy about him.Perhaps the. Hmm. I do not want fooled. I not to be fooled, I crazy about him. want he know , that most love him. I want he know! To favour anyone, he is I.. Mine. I not stupid, but I feel, he is that I find. Not expect :') If I fall love to a, I will be striving to get him. But, he which endeavoursSo do not neglect life you ye bie. What all of them talkhelp neglectYour love an. You do not think me evil womanyou are wrong. If I love someone, withsincere sincerely this heart love. This is not cheatstatement. I to you opportunity, you talk you like me from form one. So a year you wait for me will? I just 5 days know you, I have been fall in love with you.Expression of feelings :') Since 5 todayI am happy to you. Help value all this, witness is all those people see you and I together datingHelp understand meWhat I tell all this, is someone's heart expression that love you. I knowI know us already has relay. but why we not form like an happy couple? 'jiwang' nowThis is not wrong you, all this wrong I. reason ashamed when with you,strange certainly like that willHelp lah, I can pamper pampered to you also when there is the timeI am lazy want babbling lengthreason I know , that you still property me ♥ Iloveyou. Bye :)

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