I love you until I die .

             Hi all. Today very happyYou know why? OMG, meet him near sapphire edgeMelt :* He is extremely cute. Ahhhh. Patient Okay syada, hoho. met him just now , that also shortlyReason hanafi lahh teacher, he her round2 workI have to go back ._. Angryhe said rest want meet, but he has returnedReason, her brother want motorcycle. WTV! But never mind, I love him ♥ Tommorow want meet himBut, but, but I middle blocked. Hmm :( Pity will me, there is people talk this, but he good. I want him D: But, I fear if her friend talk correct thingOnce again :( 
          Now, I dizzy. Whatever which occur, he property me ♥ Who cares ~ lulz. want dateSweet like sugarJelly pleasee, he very handsome. Ohmaigod :O  he aware. I OTP with him, he said him cute. Eiuw aware xP But, he certainly cute :)xx *meltingOkay be calm syada. Finally, I meet also my dream princeIn mind, him I ownfor keepsThis Post before go to bedOkay bye, I want dream with my prince. I love him like I my own life loveFor him -syada-

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