I do not think, not I guess.

         I am happy and sure :D Today he greet me, OMG his so cuteOkay melt *.* Start he talk hi *wave hand* then he ask my phone number. Alaaa want to cry that timeAshamed >.<' he will want my phone number, he take out pen, I also write my number near her hand. Ahhh sense want scream that timeBloody hard lah want to write on her hand, I also write my number nearbook that I bring. OMG not expect that I can handheld he. Okay like. Examination time already cannot want to answer. Hahaha reason remembered about just now, my loll already smiled like a madman already. Hahaha comedy, but short time back the school, I already certainly a likedough madmanJumping jumpvery happy
        I certainly not think, nothing :) Return home hit 7 like that , he my messagehappy okayI dont believeindeed not. Hahaha. Now I already meltokay byeTomorrow want find him, he urge find.Impatient this, okayy love all :* -meet- 

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