Monthly test examination 1

        Hi there, how are youYou are healthyAs long as three test day carried outCertainly old not old, but in a single day many tests -,- Mad lah, need to read many lah like thisalso not this brain intelligent verymath testing time just now, getexpressed this brainWant my dead, my last bash lah. Comedy also there is just now, sc time on the other hand easy. Okay what anything lah. 
        My interval madsimply crazy hahaha. Shima just now has no, hmmm. Lonely just nowpityBut time want to descend go restsee najwa. Then I rest with najwa. Okay bla bla bla ~ Time to go home, I go back with alip. Wahhh, hahahhaa. Strange, them that see all talk couple. Ohh apology. We just befriending :) Then near 'elephant edge'. Then see ramada, I certainly go back with he also.
          I go buy water close out school, already buy all, our see has no personalso invite us person from schoolThis that want angry, already wait own wait, has no also. What else backwalk lah answerIn the ride back, ramada want shitted on the other hand --' Get runAdamalready laugh - laugh. I get follow runErr -.-' Finally reached house, hahahaha why can come in story reached homethis? Hahahaha. Let, okayy bye ^^

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